Vote Counting Begins at 08:00 am in Belagavi Tomorrow, What are the Arrangements?

The counting of votes will begin tomorrow at 08:00 am in Belagavi. The District Commissioner Nitesh Patil said the counting of votes will begin tomorrow morning at Rani Parvati Devi College in Belagavi.

DC Nitesh Patil, Police Commissioner Iada Martin Marbaniang, and other senior officials visited the RPD college on Sunday to check if all the arrangements have been made properly.

Talking to the media, DC Nitesh Patil said, “All the arrangements have been made as per the guidelines of the Election Commission of India for a smooth and transparent counting of votes tomorrow.”

What are the Arrangements at RPD College for Vote Counting in Belagavi

According to DC Nitesh Patil, who was also the Election Officer during the voting in Belagavi, said that a guideline was provided by the Election Commission of India and all the arrangements have been made according to that only.

But are the arrangements? The arrangements made are as follows:

  • before counting begins, the storeroom, where the EVM has been securely kept, will be opened in front of the candidates, election agents, and election observers
  • two rooms have been set in the RPD college in Belagavi for the counting of postal votes
  • eight technicians have been assigned by the ECI at the vote counting center to handle any technical issue
  • one cannot use mobile phones at the counting venue
  • no one can bring tobacco, cigarettes, pan, beedi, or any other similar products
  • snacks and lunch will be arranged for the counting staff
  • there will be a canteen, in case, the candidates and agents want to eat anything on their own
  • liquor shops will be closed in the entire district
  • section 144 is imposed within 200 meters of the counting station
  • no celebration of victory will be allowed within 200 meters
  • 300 CCTVs and 4 drone cameras have been deployed in the entire district

How Many Officials Have Been Assigned for Vote Counting in Belagavi

There are 552 counting officials assigned to count the votes in Belagavi. As per the rules of ECI, only 14 tables and 14+1 members are allowed in a counting room but DC Nitesh Patil said they have taken special permission from ECI to have 18 tables and agents in a room.

Apart from this, 8 technicians and 30 assistant returning officials have been assigned for tomorrow’s big event.

Strong security has been assigned at the voting center tomorrow. 1 DCP outside the counting center and 2 DCPs inside. 5 ACPs, 13 CPI, 21 PSI, and 463 staff will be deployed.

How Many People Cast Their Vote in Belagavi This Year

This year, Belagavi experienced record votes casting by the people. A total of 13,75,283 votes have been cast out of 19,23,788 voters. This means, this year, Belagavi experienced 71.4% of votes.

DC Nitesh Patil said as of now there are 11,148 postal ballots, and they will be accepted by 08:00 am on Tuesday.

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