Section 144 from June 3 to June 5 due to election results to maintain peace in Belagavi

To maintain the peace and sanctity of the cities of Belagavi and Chikkodi, the government has imposed prohibitory orders under section 144 from June 3, 05:00 pm to June 5, 07:00 am.

Analyzing the past trend, it is anticipated that there will be celebrations, color spraying, crackers, quarrels, shouting, etc. To avoid any clash between different parties or to safeguard the general public the government has issued prohibitory orders under section 144.

Nitesh Patil has been assigned as the District Election Officer.

When and Where will the Counting of Votes be Held in Belagavi?

The counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections will be held on 4 June in the entire country. According to Nitesh Patil, District Election Officer, in Belagavi the vote counting will held at RPD College in Tilakwadi whereas in Chikkodi, the vote counting will held at RDPU College of CTE Institute.

What are the Orders Issued under Section 144 in Belagavi

The orders issued under section 144 in Belagavi:

  • no gatherings of more than 5 people except the election officials and staff within 200 meters range of the polling centers
  • collecting stones in public places
  • carrying weapons of any kind
  • or doing any action to disturb the law and order

What can the Police do to Maintain Peace?

In case anyone found it disturbing the law and order from June 3 to June 5, the police can initiate legal proceedings against the person under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. Apart from this, all the police officials are directed to seize any:

  • explosives
  • guns or other weapons
  • other destructive items

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