Expenditure Observer Officers for Belagavi and Chikkodi

Belgaum News: Senior Indian Revenue Services (IRS) officers are appointed at the direction of the Election Commission of India for the two Lok Sabha seats in the Belagavi district.

Two Senior Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers Harkripal Khatana and B. Narasing Rao have been appointed as Expenditure Observers for the Belagavi constituency.

OfficersPhone Number
Harkripal Khatana7259751395
B. Narasing Rao7348921395

Both the officers will be available in the Old Circuit House in Belagavi between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

For the Chikkodi constituency, Senior IRS officers N. Mohan Krishna and Ankit Tiwari have been appointed as the Expenditure Observers.

Both the officers for the Chikkodi constituency will be available in the new Public Works Department Inspection Bungalow in Shippur near Chikkodi between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

OfficersPhone Number
N. Mohan Krishna8971311395
Ankit Tiwari8904901395

Who is an Expenditure Observer?

An Expenditure Observer is an officer appointed by the Election Commission of India to ensure no bribes or inducements are given to the voters during the elections. They are also responsible for keeping track of election expenditures by the candidates.

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