Belgaum MLA List from 1952 to 2024

The Lok Sabha elections are coming closer day by day and We thought to remind you of the Belgaum MLA list. Recently, the BJP has already released its list of candidates who are going to contest the election in 2024 from Belgaum (Belagavai).

Belgaum MLA List – All Assemblies

We have collected all the information from the official site of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. We do not know how many of you know this but our city, Belgaum was initially divided into two parts, Belgaum Urban and Belgaum Rural, when the 1st Assembly took place between 1952 and 1957.

Later on, it was divided into three parts, Belgaum 1, Belgaum 2, and Belgaum City during the 2nd Assembly and 3rd Assembly between 1957 and 1962.

From the 4th Assembly that took place in 1967, our city was divided into two parts Bagewadi and Belgaum till the 12th Assembly in 2007. Lastly, again the Belgaum district was divided into three parts Belgaum Dakshin, Belgaum Uttar, and Belgaum Rural from the 13th Assembly in 2008 till now.

2018 – May 2023Abhay PatilBelgaum DakshinBJP15th Assembly
Anil BenakeBelgaum UttarBJP
Laxmi HebbalkarBelgaum RuralINC
13 May 2013 – May 2018Sambhaji Lakshman PatilBelgaum DakshinIND14th Assembly
Feroz Nuruddin SaitBelgaum UttarINC
Sanjay B PatilBelgaum RuralBJP
30 May 2008 – 5 May 2013Abhay PatilBelgaum DakshinBJP13th Assembly
Feroz Nuruddin SaitBelgaum UttarINC
Sanjay B PatilBelgaum RuralBJP
28 May 2004 – 19 November 2007 (Dissolved)Kudachi Ramesh LakshmanBelgaumINC12th Assembly
Abhay PatilBagewadiBJP
25 October 1999 – 28 May 2004Kudachi Ramesh LakshmanBelgaumINC11th Assembly
Malagi Shivaputrappa ChannabasappaBagewadiJanata Dal(United)
25 December 1994 – 22 July 1999 (Dissolved)Tarale Narayanarao GovindBelgaumIndependent10th Assembly
Malagi Shivaputrappa ChannabasappaBagewadiJanata Dal (JD)
18 December 1989 – 20 September 1994 (Dissolved)Bapusaheb Raosaheb MahagaonkarBelgaumIndependent9th Assembly
Arjunrao Laxmanrao HishobkarBelgaumIndependent
Modagekar Desai Krishnarao ChudamaniBagewadiIndependent
18 March 1985 – 21 April 1989 (Dissolved)Malagi Shivaputrappa ChannabasappaBagewadiJanata Party8th Assembly
Mane Rajabhau Shankar RaoBelgaumIndependent
24 July 1983 – 2 January 1985 (Dissolved)Ashtekar Govind LakshmanBagewadiIndependent7th Assembly
Mane Rajabhau Shankar RaoBelgaumIndependent
17 March 1978 – 8 June 1983 (Dissolved)Ashtekar Govind LakshmanBagewadiIndependent6th Assembly
B B SayanakBelgaumIndependent
24 March 1972 – 31 December 1977 (Dissolved)B B SayanakBelgaumIndependent5th Assembly
S A PatilBagewadiINC
15 March 1967 – 14 April 1971C L PattanashettiBagewadiINC4th Assembly
B B SayanakBelgaumIndependent
15 March 1962 – 28 February 1967V S PatilBelgaum – IMaharashtra Ekikaran Samiti3rd Assembly
N O SamajiBelgaum IIMaharashtra Ekikaran Samiti
B R SunthankarBelgaum CityMaharashtra Ekikaran Samiti
10 June 1957 – 1 March 1962V S PatilBelgaum – IPeasants & Workers Party2nd Assembly
N O SamajiBelgaum IIPeasants & Workers Party
B R SunthankarBelgaum CityIndependent
18 June 1952 – 31 March 1957Dalvi Bhujang KeshavBelgaum UrbanIndependent1st Assembly
N O SamajBelgaum RuralINC

The assembly was dissolved six times, from the 6th assembly to the 10th assembly and then the 12th assembly. But is the Belgaum MLA list important anymore? the list may not be important for you, but it is important for a lot of people doing research on the politics of Belgaum and it is important for political parties as well.

If you see there are 4 MLAs elected thrice:

  • N O Samaji
  • B B Sayanak
  • Malagi Shivaputrappa Channabasappa
  • Abhay Patil

If you look more closely you’ll understand how people have given their votes to parties. Whenever candidates won the election Independently, the assembly was dissolved most of the time.

Apart from this, the people of Belgaum are confused between the two political parties, INC and BJP. However, people now prefer BJP over INC but still, there is no consistency as of now.

To Wrap Up

This was the complete list of MLAs from Belgaum, I hope whoever wins this time in 2024 works only for the betterment of the city. If you want, you can participate in our opinion poll for the Lok Sabha election 2024 to know what the people of Belgaum want. You can also join our Whatsapp channel for the latest updates and news.

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