What will be the facilities at Belgaum Polling Station on May 07?

Belgaum News: The Lok Sabha elections in Belgaum are on 07 May and the polling stations are getting ready with many facilities for the voters including drinking water, toilets, display screens, wheelchairs, and ramps.

The election commission of India has assured minimum facilities of drinking water, toilets, shade, and medical kits at every polling station in Belgaum for the voters.

The KSNDMC has already issued a red alert for heatwave in Belgaum till May 10. Still, it is an appeal to the voters of Belgaum to cast their valuable votes as the facilities are provided which include:

  • drinking water
  • shades
  • toilets
  • medical kits
  • wheelchairs and ramps
  • display screens
  • help desk
  • voter facilitation center
  • sufficient lighting during dark hours

The people of Belgaum are ready to cast their vote for their favorite candidate. You must also cast your vote to decide the future of our country.

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