IMD red alert: Heatwave warning in Belgaum

Belgau News: The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) has issued a red alert for Belgaum and 6 other districts due to a severe heatwave in the coming days. The temperature is expected to cross 40°c and will remain between 40°c and 46°c in Belgaum and some other districts including Dharwad, Bagalkote, Gadag, Koppal, and Haveri.

The heatwave is expected to start on 01 May and end on 09 May, which may extend as well. The IMD has not yet issued any warning, as per their norms, they will issue a red alert if the temperature crosses 47°c.

The heatwave is because of the dry wind from southeast Madhya Pradesh entering North Interior Karnataka (NIK) and South Interior Karnataka (SIK).

According to the department, the temperature is expected to come down by 2-3°c after May 7.

Children are advised to stay at home and come out only when required. Adults should drink enough water to stay hydrated, use helmets, and umbrellas, or wrap their heads and faces to avoid direct sunlight.

Wear lightweight and light-colored clothes, use Google, and avoid shoes. Carry a water bottle whenever go out.

Avoid eating stale food as it can harm your health, especially during summer. Avoid drinking soft drinks as instead of hydrating, it dehydrates the body.

Use curtains in the home, if possible, and drink water from clay pots or “Surahi”. If you have pets, make sure to keep them hydrated, and do not let them outside the home.

Avoid traveling as much as possible.

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