Unemployment “Universal Problem”, PM Modi promoted self employment to tackle it: Jagdish Shettar

Belgaum News: In a recent interview, when asked, Jagdish Shettar said unemployment is a “Universal Problem” now, it is not just in India, but in many countries, including the developed ones.

PM Modi did a good job by promoting Made in India and Start Up India campaigns giving opportunities to young people to start their own businesses which is helping in the eradication of unemployment.

The former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Jagdish Shettar, said, “Modiji is number one in the world, he is also the number one leader.” He added I’m a former chief minister. I am a six-time MLA and was the leader of the opposition. I have had contact with people for the last 30 years. So as an acquaintance of this area, naturally preferred me from here, and people also accepted me as a candidate and they wish for me to be elected as a parliamentary member.”

Jagdish Shettar is contesting the Lok Sabha elections 2024 from the Belagavi constituency.

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