Water Scarcity in Belgaum, The groundwater level has fallen from 650 to 1,200 ft

Summer has just begun and the water in the district of Belgaum has started to deplete drastically. The monsoon was not good and hence there is not enough water in the reservoir in the Belgaum district.

The main source of water supply in the Belgaum district is borewells, i.e. groundwater, that serve more than 850 villages in the district with fresh drinking water. According to the sources, the water level in the district has fallen from 650 to 1,200 ft.

The other water sources of the Belgaum district include the Hidkal Dam, Rakaskoppa Dam, Hipparagi Reservoir, and Malaprabha River water. Due to less rainfall in the last year, the water level has decreased drastically.

Water Scarcity in Belgaum

More than 150 villages are facing water supply issue in Belgaum district. 46 villages are getting water from tankers indicating how severe the situation is given the summer has just began and monsson is still 2 months away. 62 tankers are supplying water to 46 villages and 9 talukas in the Belgaum district.

Not just Belgaum, but Chikkodi is also facing somewhat similar situation, due to which more than 350 villages are getting drinking water only once a week for one hour.

Some villages used to get drinking water once every 4-5 days, now they are getting the water every 12-14 days.

The deputy commissioner, Nitesh Patil said that they are working to solve the problem of water in the Belguam district as there is a rumour that an artificial scarcity of water is created in many places.

The officials of the drinking water department said they have signed an agreement with 560 private borewell owners to tackle the water scarcity problem in Belguam.

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