Rakaskop Dam Belgaum – Everything You Need to Know

Rakaskop Dam was built on the Markhandeya River in 1960 and is the closest and oldest dam in the city of Belgaum, Karnataka. There are mainly three water reservoirs or dams in Belgaum or Belagavi and Rakaskop is one of them. It is surprising that it was the only water source for the people of the city and nearby areas till 1994 as then the Hidkal Dam and Malaprabha Reservoir.

Capacity2478 Feet
Height36.16 Feet
Lenght1175 Feet
Encatchment Area33.67 sq km

History of Rakaskop

I have been living in the city for the last 26 years and recently I learned that the real meaning of Rakaskop is “a hamlet of Rakkasa” which means Rakshasa. It is believed that a Rakshasa was used to live here.

The place has a religious significance also, the dam is built on the Markhandeya River. Markhandeya was a Hindu sage and a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Markhandeya was the son of Sage Mrikanda, who worshiped Lord Shiva to get a son a. Lord Shiva gave him a boon to either choose a son who would have a shortage of good qualities or a long age with bad qualities.

Sage Mrikanda chose the first choice and got a son Markhandeya, who was supposed to live for just 16 years. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and on the day of his death, when Yama came for his life, he was worshiping the Shiva Lingam. When Yama sprung his noose around young Markhandeya’s neck, it also circled the Lingam. Lord Shiva, angrily, emerged from the Lingam to save his devotee’s life. Sage Markhandeya got a boon that he’ll remain 16 years old forever and will live.

Rakaskop Dam Belgaum

Why Rakaskop Dam is Famous

The Rakaskop Dam is famous as it is a popular place for the locals to hang out. Belagavi is not a very big city and there are a few places to visit and those are culturally driven. The Rakaskop Dam is one of the places for the locals to spend their time, hang out, and have fun in the evening.

The Rakaskop Dam has become a popular choice for couples who like to spend quality time. Not just couples, you’ll find other people who come to spend their evening or families who come for a picnic. The place is getting famous not just among the locals but for the tourists who come to Belgaum for a day or two.

If I talk about myself, I frequently visit the place as it is not far, there are other places in the city as well, but for some reason, this place gives you a calm and soothing feel.

Also, this is the closest dam in Belagavi city, apart from this dam there is Hidkal Dam and Malaprabha reservoir, which is also known as Renuka Sagar.

Rakaskop Dam Belgaum
Rakaskop Dam Belgaum

Why Rakaskop Dam is Important for Belgaum

No doubt this dam enhances the beauty of Belgaum, but how important is the Rakaskop Dam for Belgaum? As I said, the dam was built in 1960 and it was the only water source for the city and nearby regions till 1994 when the other two reservoirs came into existence.

However, let me tell you, the Kapaskop Dam is still the main source of water for the whole city. Rakaskop Dam is important from a tourist destination viewpoint and a geographical viewpoint. If you look at the maps, you’ll see this is the first dam in the near area that comes in contact with the Markhandeya River that flows towards the east. During the Monsoons, the dam plays a huge role in collecting the water and releasing it slowly towards the city to avoid flood conditions.

Best Time To Visit Rakaskop Dam in Belagavi

If you ask me, I think the best time to visit the place would be after 4 pm when the sun starts to set, you’ll get the best view of the nature. According to me, the best season or month to visit the Rakaskop Dam is between May to September.

Although, I have been there at all times, and looks beautiful at all times, if this is your first time see it when the place is at its best.

However, if you do not have time, you can visit at any time of the day. Also, I would say to visit the place at the weekend, when it is a bit crowded and the place is happening.

Just a little request from my side, please do not pollute the place and keep it clean.

Rakaskop Dam Belgaum

How Much is Rakaskop Dam Capacity

The Rakaskop dam has a capacity of 0.7 TMC and can easily hold water up to 2478 feet. The dam is the main water supply source for the people of Belagavi. The water is used not just for household purposes but also for irrigation as it covers the encatchment area of about 33.67 sq km.

What is the Rakaskop Dam Distance from Belgaum

The distance of Rakaskop dam from Belgaum or Belgavi is almost 21 km. Rakaskop is around 16 km but the dam is a bit distance from the village and you need to drive 5 km more to reach the dam to enjoy the place.

The best way from Belgaum to Rakaskop Dam is to take the route of Rakaskop Road and move towards the west which goes via Shaurya Circle, Benakanhalli Belgundi, Sonoli, and eventually Rakaskop.

Rakaskop Dam

What is the Rakaskop Dam Distance from Chikodi

Rakaskop Dam’s distance from Chikodi is almost 90km and you need to move in the south direction to reach the dam. It will take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the destination. You may also visit Hidkal Dam on the way.

Rakaskop Dam

To Wrap Up

If you are visiting Belgaum, it is a must-visit place. You’ll find many people who come to experience the beauty of nature. Also during the weekends, the place is crowded. The place is not too far from the center of the city, just a 16 km drive. If you have any queries or need any help, feel free to contact us or comment below.

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