Two monks beaten to death in Kolhapur Street amid rumors

The people in Kolhapur killed two monks due to a rumor that was spread on Saturday that two people disguised as beggars were kidnapping children. Without collecting enough information, the people of Kolhapur beat two people wearing saffron color clothes to death.

The incident took place on Saturday, 11 May the afternoon when these two monks were passing by the Shahupuri area near Shahjuji Law College. After investigating, the police found that the monk was from the Jogi community of Uttar Pradesh.

Talking to the media, the people of Kolhapur said a fourteen-year old boy was sitting in his friend’s shop near Law College Chowk around 12 pm when the two people in a saffron color, looking a bit like a beggar were seen by a rickshaw puller, Manohar Ingwale. He suspected those two monks as kidnappers and told this to one of his friends.

They both spread this information in the area and interrogated the two monks. on interrogation, they found the names of these two monks were Sameer and Sahil. The public didn’t believe it and started beating them to death.

Police inspector Ajay Kumar, with his team, reached the place of the incident and took the fourteen-year-old boy, rickshaw puller, and a few other people with them.

Due to a mere misunderstanding, the angry mob killed two innocent people in Kolhapur.

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