24×7 24-hour water supply project started in Belagavi after 14 years

The central and state government, in partnership, started a scheme in Belagavi 14 years back in 2007-08 for the supply of 24×7 hours of drinking water in the 58 wards of the district.

It’s been almost 14 years and only 10 wards of the district are getting the benefits of the scheme whereas there are still 48 wards not getting drinking water properly.

Now, after 14 years, 800 taps have been installed in the first phase of the scheme in the Rani Chennamma Nagar that will provide water 24 hours a day.

What is the 24×7 Water Scheme in Belagavi?

Under this project, the state government of Karnataka and the central government were supposed to install tap connections in 58 wards of Belagavi city and the cantonment area.

The project was launched in 2007-08, almost 14 years back, and only 10 wards have been covered so far showing how slow the work is progressing.

According to the citizens of Belagavi, the reason why the project, which was supposed to be completed by 2025, will not be completed anytime soon is just because the officials are not focused enough, are not doing their work, and are lazy toward duty.

The officials have to be fast and should obtain the relevant permissions from the forest department which is lacking.

How the Water is Supplied in Belagavi

Currently, there are two water sources in Belagavi. The water is supplied from the Rakasakop reservoir which is on the Markandeya River in Belagavi and the Hidkal reservoir in Ghataprabha River which is in Hukkeri.

The supply of water from both reservoirs is almost equal. According to the water supply department in Belagavi, “out of 108 MLD of water supplied to 58 wards of Belagavi city and cantonment areas, 54.5 MLD of water is supplied from Hidkal reservoir and 53.5 MLD of water is supplied from Rakasakop reservoir.

How Many Tap Connections are to be Installed in Belagavi under this Project

As per the reports, the target is to provide 8,000 tap connections this year. The manager of L&T, Ravikumar said that the work is assigned to L&T related to the water supply project and a total of 87,000 taps connections will be installed throughout the project.

According to the Chief of Engineer of Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC), Ashok Burakali, “a pilot project has already started in Rani Chennamma Nagar in Belagavi. This pilot project will be fully operational after six months. By June 2025, the water connections to all houses will be completed.”

The project was getting delayed as there were many obstacles and it was taking time to get permission from the forest department as well.

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