Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil Warns Schools Taking Donations in Belagavi

The Deputy Commissioner of Belagavi Nitesh Patil warns all the schools in Belagavi to stop taking money in the name of ‘donation’ or the registration will be canceled. In a statement released, he gave a strict warning that a string of actions would be taken against the schools taking donations during the admission of children.

This warning statement from DC Nitesh Patil came after a lot of parents complained about the schools taking a hefty amount in the name of donations during the admission.

This is what happening in Belagavi for the last few years. If you live in Belagavi, you must know this very well. It’s not about merit now, it’s all about money and donation, this is what is working in schools these days.

What Actions are Taken by DC Nitesh Patil

It’s good to see some people are raising their voices and the authorities have started taking action. DC Nitesh Patil has directed all the schools:

  • to put clear information on the notice board on an immediate basis about the fee structure for better clarification to the parents and children.
  • according to Section 2(b) of the Right to Education Act 2009, all the schools have to publish a notification on their website or notice board and departmental internet system (SATS) stating their fees
  • if any school found of taking donations illegally, the registration of the school will be canceled under the Right to Education Act

What Can You Do if You Have Been Asked for Donation?

If the parents have been asked for a donation in any school for the admission of their children, they can immediately file a complaint against that school. You can file a complaint at the District Collector’s Office or the Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI).

According to DC Dinesh Patil, appropriate action will be taken against the school.

What is Donation in a School?

It’s very common these days that if you want to get your kid into a school, you have to pay a hefty amount, they call it a ‘donation‘, in common language, people call it ‘bribery‘.

Then where should the children of economically backward class go?

The simple question is, why should donations be given when there is an admission fee? According to the parents, it is just a way of asking bribes to get their children into their prestigious school. The parents who have money can give it easily, but what about those who have limited resources? Don’t they have any right to give their children a good education?

Government schools are not so good except for a few, and the seats are very limited as well.

Is Donation Culture Only Exist in Belagavi?

Now the question is, does this donation culture in school only exist in Belagavi? Actually no, it not only exists in Belagavi but in the entire country. If you want to child to be in a good school anywhere in India, you have to pay a good amount as a ‘donation’.

You may be thinking about other countries, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you clearly and loudly, that the donation culture exists all over the world except for only a handful of countries.

If you have money, you can get your child into any school you want by giving them money anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, in the West, they do get tax redemption on donations as well.

This is how children of big actors, businessmen, and other personalities get into a good school or university in the West.

What we can do?

A common person can only raise their voice, and their voice will be suppressed by politicians. The Right to Education is just on paper and in books. You tell us in the comments what can a common person do to tackle this problem and we will try to make your voice loud through our articles.

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