Mrinal Hebbalkar Biography: Age, Net Worth, Career, Family

Mrinal Hebbalkar is a politician and candidate of the Indian National Congress. He is the son of Lakshmi Hebbalkar, who is a renowned politician and currently serving as the Minister of Women and Child Development, and Disabled and Senior Citizens Empowerment in the Government of Karnataka.

Mrinal Hebbalkar contested in the Lok Sabha elections 2024 from the Belgaum seat against Jagadsih Shettar who is from BJP.

Mrinal Hebbalkar Wife

Mrinal Hebbalkar got married to Hita, a doctor, in 2020, who is the niece of Bhadravati MLA BK Sangamesh. The marriage took place in Goa and was attended by various prominent politicians.

Mrinal Hebbalkar Education

Mrinal Hebbalkar is a graduate of BE Civil Engineering and completed his degree from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology.

Mrinal Hebbalkar Political Career Timeline

Mrinal Hebbalkar is an emerging young politician in Karnataka. He has been interested in politics since the beginning as he grew up seeing his mother.

Mrinal started his political journey in 2012 with his active involvement in political and social activities with his mother.

He joined INC and for two terms, from 2012 to 2020, he served as the Vice President of the Belagavi District Youth Congress which let him hon his political understanding.

In 2020, Mrinal Hebbalkar was appointed as the Karnataka Secretary State of the Indian Youth Congress, and in 2024 he was the face of the Indian National Congress for the Lok Sabha elections from the Belagavi constituency.

He bagged 5,08,283 votes and gave a tough fight to the opposition, however, he lost to Jagadisg Shettar, who is a BJP candidate. Mrinal Hebbalkar is a young politician and hard-working leader and it is just a beginning for him.

2012Entry into PoliticsBegan involvement in politics alongside his mother, Lakshmi Hebbalkar, observing and participating in social and political activities.
2012-2020Youth Congress LeadershipServed two terms as Vice-President of the Belagavi District Youth Congress, focusing on youth-centric initiatives and building party networks.
2020State-Level PositionAppointed Karnataka State Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress, gaining significant exposure and experience in state-level politics.
2024Lok Sabha CandidacyFielded as the Congress candidate for the Belagavi Lok Sabha seat, marking his first major electoral contest against senior BJP leader Jagadish Shettar.

Mrinal Hebbalkar Biography

Here is a brief of the biography of Mrinal Hebbalkar:

Full NameMrinal Hebbalkar
Date of Birth1991
FatherRavindra Hebbalkar
MotherLakshmi Hebbalkar
EducationBE-Civil Engineering from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology
Net Worth3,77,74,625

Mirnal Hebbalkar Net Worth

Here is a brief of the net worth of Mrinal Hebbalkar:

CategoryDetailsAmount (INR)
Movable Assets
Bank Deposits30,83,439
Shares and Bonds4,19,74,000
Personal LoansGiven to various individuals4,37,70,477
JewelleryGold and Silver26,28,450
Other AssetsPartnerships with various firms1,15,72,207
Total Movable10,32,47,200
Immovable Assets
Agricultural LandMultiple properties1,27,00,000
Residential BuildingsProperties in Belagavi2,35,00,000
Total Immovable3,62,00,000
Total Assets13,94,47,200
LiabilitiesLoans from banks and individuals10,16,72,575
Net Worth(Total Assets – Liabilities)3,77,74,625

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