Jagadish Shettar VS Mrunal Ravindra Hebbalkar : Belgaum Lok Sabha Election 2024

Belagavi News: The voting in Belgaum for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 will be on 27 May. The fight for the Belgaum seat is between BJP’s candidate Jagadish Shettar and Congress candidate Mrunal Ravindra Hebbalkar.

There was a rumor that the worker of the BJP party was confused between Jagadish Shettar and Mahantesh Vakkund, but the picture is clear now and the Bhartiya Janata Party is all set to contest their favorite Jagadish Shettar from the Belgaum.

Who is Mrunal Ravindra Hebbalkar

Mrunal Ravindra Hebbalkar is the son of Lakshmi Ravindra Hebbalkar, who is a politician from Karnataka and currently serving as the Minister of Women and Child Development, and Disabled and Senior Citizens Empowerment in the Government of Karnataka.

Mrunal Ravindra Hebbalkar is a politician from Belgaum (Belagavi) and is contesting for the Belgaum Lok Sabha election 2024 from the Congress party.

Who is Jagadish Shettar

Jagadish Shettar was in Congress and later joined the BJP. He was the 15th Chief Minister of Karnataka during 2012-2013. He joined Congress in 2023 as he was not given the election ticket as an MLA but this time the BJP does not want to lose the Belgaum seat as it is very important strategically for them.

Jagadish Shettar is a lawyer by profession and has been practicing lawyer for the last 20 years at the Hubli Bar and holds B.Com and LLB degree.

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