Margao to Belagavi Shuttle Bus Resumes After 4 Years Halt

Belgaum News: After a halt of 4 years, the iconic Margao to Belagavi shuttle service resumes which will save almost an hour to reach the destination. Usually, it takes 5 hours from Margao to Belagavi from other interstate busses whereas it only takes 4 hours from the shuttle bus service provided by Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC).

The price of this bus is a bit on the higher side as it is a luxury bus and has more facilities than a normal bus including plush pushback seats.

Talking about the resumption of the shuttle bus service, the KTC officials said, “There is a sizeable crowd availing of the bus service, catering especially to the business community who go there specifically for marketing. They start the journey in the morning and return in the evening.”

Earlier, the shuttle bus service used to run twice a day from Margao to Belagavi but due to COVID-19, the KTC had to stop the service.

The official of the KTC said it depends on the response, if it is good then we will again start the service twice a day as it used to run at 7 am and 8 am.

Margao to Belagavi Shuttle Bus Timings

Although anyone can travel on this bus, it is basically started for those who are into marketing and need to travel from Margao to Belagavi on a daily basis.

The bus leaves Margao at 7 am daily and reaches Belagavi in 4 hours at 11 am.

The bus leaves Belagavi at 4 pm and will again take 4 hours to reach Margao at 8 pm.

Margao to Belagavi Shuttle Bus Route

The luxury bus will cover three main stops before reaching its destination in Belagavi. The stops include Ponda, Marcel, and Sanquelim.

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