Heavy Rainfall in Belgaum, Relief to the People Amid Water Crisis

Belgaum News: The people of Belgaum are suffering from drought and a water crisis with temperatures touching 40°C during day time. Amid all these, today evening, the Belgaum district receives heavy rainfall, giving some relief in the summer.

It was anticipated a few days ago about the rainfall. This rainfall will continue for a couple of days as per the weather forecast.

The highest temperature of today in Belgaum during the day was 37°C while the night can be at 21°C.

The people of Belgaum had become destitute due to the extremely hot weather in the district and no drinking water. This rainfall will help cool down the climate as Belgaum is known for its pleasant weather.

People are still advised to drink plenty of water, take an umbrella while going out, and avoid direct sunlight to beat the heat until the monsoon arrives in the district.

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