Bullock Carts were Paraded in Front of the Basavanna Temple in Belgaum

Belgaum News: On the auspicious occasion of Basavanna Yatra, the program of Englishmen was held in Salabad in Belagavi City. The program was organized by the Shri Basavanna Devasthan Committee which was attended by a large number of devotees.

On the day of Gudi Padva, an English Program was carried out along with the Basavanna Yatra a Baswan Galli in Belgau, which was joined by a number of people and hailed “Har Har Mahadev”.

It is held every year on the day of Gudi Padva and the same happened this year too.

Bullock carts and Ambil carts were paraded on the night of Gudi Padva in front of Basavanna Temple. On the next day, which was Wednesday morning, the logs that were kept for the English were set on fire after worship.

After the worship of Sasankathya and Palkhas in the afternoon, at around 05:30 pm evening, the English program was performed with the chants of “Har Har Mahadev” in front of the Basavanna temple.

Who is Basavanna?

Lord Basavanna was the founder of Lingayatism and his birthday is celebrated as the commencement of a new year. His birthday falls on the 3rd day of the Vaisakh month every year.

Basavanna was a social worker, poet, and philosopher. He was a devotee of Lord Shiv.

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