Jagadish Shettar New House in Belgaum City Amid Criticism of Not Being a Local

Belgaum News: Jagadish Shettar, BJP candidate for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 from Belgaum and former CM of Karnataka, inaugurated a new rented house in Belgaum city after minister Laxmi Hebbalkar criticized him for not being a local and where people go for their grievances if he wins the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Belgaum.

The new house of Jagadish Shettar is a rented two-story house in Kumaraswamy Layout. He inaugurated the house on Tuesday as he shifted from Hubballi to Belgaum.

Shettar chose the auspicious day of Ugadi to inaugurate the house and conducted a pooja with a small housewarming ceremony.

This news comes after the criticism of Laxmi Hebbalkar that he does not reside in the city from where he is contesting, if he wins the election, where will the people of Belgaum go to get their queries solved?

However, Jagadish Shettar denied this criticism and said that he was about to move to the city and was looking for a good house to move in. He also has plans to set up a house in the city for the people’s grievance redressal.

Shettar is confident that he is going to win the upcoming Lok Sabha Election, he said, “In Belagavi, I am receiving more support than I had anticipated. The overwhelming response from the people assures me of victory. I have encountered numerous elections in my political career.”

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