Gold Price in Belgaum Touched ₹73,000

Belgaum News: Gold prices in Belgaum are reaching new highs every day. The current price of Gold in Belgaum is ₹73,000 and is expected to reach ₹90,000 in a few months.

This may be because the of wedding season in April. The wedding season is here and in India, it’s a tradition to wear gold jewelry at weddings which is the reason for the high demand for gold and hence the high price.

There is a bull run in the international gold prices which can be another reason for higher gold rates. What do you think where will this end?

Past Year Trend of Gold Price in Belgaum

If you see the past trends, the gold rate in Belgaum was never this high. Let’s explore the past years’ gold rates in Belagavi (Belgaum) for 24k Gold of 10 gm.

Gold Price in Belgaum in 2024₹73,000 (Current Price)
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2023₹65,300
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2022₹52,600
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2021₹48,700
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2020₹48,600
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2019₹35,200
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2018₹31,400
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2017₹29,600
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2016₹28,600
Gold Price in Belgaum in 2015₹26,300

Gold Rate in Belgaum Interesting Facts

You’ll be shocked to know, but the gold price in 1964 was just ₹63.25. You may not have been born at that time. But let me tell you, even in 2000, the gold price in Belgaum was just ₹4,400, which is just 6% of today’s rate of gold in Belgaum.

If you think the year 2000 was too early, let me give you one more insight. The 24k 10 gm gold price in 2010 was just ₹18,500. The current price is just 4 times what the price was in 2010.

If you think it will fall, the chances are less. The gold price may fall a bit, but it’s not going to hit the prices of the year 2000 or 2010 again unless there is a war.

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