Bharatesh Institute of Technology: Full Detail

Over 60 years old Bharatesh Educational Trust has announced the opening of a new engineering college in Belagavi, Karnataka. According to Vinod Doddannavar, a council member of BET, the new engineering college will commence this year only in a new building at the Chadragiri campus at Basavan Kudachi extension.

In a press conference on Thursday, 23 May 2024, the management of BIT announced that the trust is going to launch a new engineering college to cater to boost the education facilities in the city.

The new engineering college of BIT will be named Bharatesh Institute of Technology which is already approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

The BIT will be affiliated with VTU which is one of the best engineering colleges in the country and has an impeccable alumni record.

What will be the Courses Offered at Bharatesh Institute of Technology?

It is very exciting to know that this new college will offer all the new-aged specializations in the field of technology. The four main specializations that will be offered by BIT Engineering College:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. Information Service
  4. Electronics and Communication

Although there are engineering colleges in Belagavi that do provide some of these courses but still students move out of the city to get a better education and exposure. By providing these courses there will be better exposure to diversified new-aged courses and students.

As per the management, the course will increase with time.

Seat Distribution in Bharatesh Institute of Technology

There will be four main branches in BIT Engineering College comprising a total of 360 seats.

Branches in BIT Engineering CollegeNumber of Seats
Computer Science120
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning60
Information Service60
Electronics and Communication120
Total Seats360

BIT Engineering College Infrastructure, Location, and Facilities

The new BET college BIT will be spread over a massive 30,000 sq feet at the new green architecture building at Bharatesh Chandragiri Campus situated at Basavana Kudachi in Belagavi, where the 40 years old Motichand Lengade Polytechnic is situated.

The college will have hostel facilities for both boys and girls. It will also offer bus facilities for the local students across the city. The best thing about this college will be the low fees.

Most probably the fees will be very competitive to cater to all the students of different regions and economic capabilities.

BIT Contact Details

You can directly call the given number 9071015777 for the inquiry at BIT Engineering College.

BIT Engineering College9071015777
Bharatesh Education TrustFacebook

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