BFIL to Set up New Forge Production in Belagavi

BFIL is all set to start a new forging product unit in Belagvi to expand its product capacity. According to ZeeBizz, Balu Forge Industries Limited has informed the exchange today that the company has already acquired three product units to increase its production capacity by 78,000 tons.

BFIL is a forging company and according to the company they are going to establish a new unit in Belagavi with all the latest technology. The unit will be fully automated and will be a part of the company’s greenfield project in the city.

With this, the company is aiming to increase its production of forged products by “including a 16-ton closed die forging hammer, ranked among the largest in the country and capable of producing forgings up to 800-900 kgs”, the company said.

Explaining further, it said, the capacity will be further enhanced with a 10-ton closed die forging hammer line and an 8,000T forging mechanical press.

With this, there will be immense employment opportunities in the city. Many other companies will also come to set up their industrial unit.

According to the company, this new setup will help them enter engineering-intensive critical sectors like aerospace, defense, railways, mining, oil and gas, and many other.

Belagavi is one of the fastest-growing districts in Karnataka, adding these new industrial units will further leverage the growth rate.

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