Farmer Committed Suicide, Wife-Son House Arrest in Belagavi

A drought hit farmer Raju Khatogi of Hukkeri taluk in Belagavi took his life as he was not able to pay a loan of 1.5 lakhs. The farmer consumed poison as he was unable to pay the loan and the lender kept his wife and son under house arrest.

According to a report on Tv9Kannada, the lender is a woman named Siddava Bayyanavara, who gave a loan of 1.5 lakhs almost 5 months ago to Raju Khatogi. Raju took the loan as his crops were all got damaged during the recent severe drought in Belagavi.

He took the loan at an interest of 10% per month. The lender, Siddava warned Raju to pay his loan amount in full a few days ago. She asked a few more times but Raju was not able to repay the loan amount.

Siddava asked Raju to leave his son, Basavaraj, here until he repays the loan amount. Knowing this, Raju’s wife, Durgavva, and her parents went to the police station to file a complaint.

Police were reluctant to launch a complaint against Siddava and kept Durgavva and her parents from morning till night. She went to Siddava’s house to take back his son. Siddava kept both his wife and son as well under house arrest.

Raju was not able to do anything, depression and helplessness took his life, he committed suicide by consuming poison.

According to the sources, Siddava didn’t give a drop of water or anything to eat to Raju’s wife and son for two days.

A case has been registered under Yamakanamaradi police station.

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