10 Best Falls near Belgaum to Visit this Summer

Summer vacations are here and locals and tourists already started exploring new places in Belgaum, especially new waterfalls as the places have many waterfalls in the district and in nearby places.

I know many of you don’t even know some of the places even exist in the city. Many go to water parks with their children which is also good, but you must not ignore the natural water park that nature has provided to us.

Best Falls near Belgaum within 50 km

Recently I visited a few waterfalls near Belguam which is just about 50 km away from the city and the beauty of the falls is just mesmerizing. You won’t believe such waterfalls exist in Belgaum.

Here is the list of the best waterfalls near Belgaum:

Jalavne Fall

Best Falls near Belgaum

The Jalavne Falls is almost 45 km from Belgaum (Belagavi) and will take around 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the place. But let me tell you this waterfall is not for everyone as you need to trek for a long 12 km to reach the destination.

But you’ll forget all the tiredness once you reach the place. The waterfall is so beautiful as it is falling from the heaven. I have been to many falls, but the image of this one is still stuck in my mind.

The best time to visit Jalavne Falls is usually between October and March as the weather is very pleasant at that time.

Betne Fall

Best Falls near Belgaum

If you do not want to trek a long 12 km you can visit the Betne Falls as well which is also extremely beautiful. The fall is almost 40 km from Belgaum (Belagavi) and would take around an hour to reach the destination.

You need to move towards the west directly from Belgaum city. The Betne Falls is near Jalavne Falls, and its almost 8 km.

Let me warn you, this fall also requires you to trek for a few distance but it is not as hard to trek as the Jalavne Falls trek is.

Kalasa Fall

Best Falls near Belgaum

The Kalasa Falls lies exactly at the borders of Goa and Karnataka. It is almost 50 km from the city and it is near to Jalavne and Betne Falls, which means you need to move towards the west direction to reach the destination.

Without any doubt, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the fall. The place is good for photographers and people who love to swim. most of the locals come to this waterfall as there is no trekking involved and the roads are easily accessible.

Shimbola Fall

Best Falls near Belgaum

The Shimbola waterfall is one of the best falls in Belgaum. It is almost 50 km from the city and would take you around 1 and a half hours to reach the destination.

Again, there is a trek that is almost 12 km and would take around 5 hours which is why not many people visit the place but is still a popular place among enthusiasts.

But the hiking and trekking experience is really awesome at Shimbola Falls.

Chikhale Fall

Best Falls near Belgaum

One of the most popular falls in Belguam is Chikhale Falls and most people either local or tourists visit this fall quite often. The reason is, the fall is not too far and the connectivity of roads is good.

Also, there is a small trek of 2.5 km which is easy and fun for the kids. But this doesn’t mean the fall is any less beautiful than the other falls.

The fall is almost 40 km from Belgaum and is towards the west direction. Let me tell you the Chikhale Falls is also near to Jalavne, Betne, Shimboli, and Kalasa Falls.

10 Best Falls near Belgaum

Apart from these falls, there are some other falls that are equally beautiful and some of them are even unexplored. These are:

Best Waterfall in BelgaumDistance from Belgaum
Jalavne Fall45 km
Betne Fall40 km
Kalasa Fall50 km
Shimbola Fall50 km
Chikhale Fall40 km
Amboli Fall70 km
Mangeli Fall72 km
Sundi Fall22 km
Baba Fall65 km
Gokak Fall68 km

To Wrap Up

I have visited all these falls as I am a local of Belgaum and if you have any queries related to the waterfalls in Belgaum you can anytime leave a comment below or contact us through our contact us form.

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