Baba Falls – Distance From Belgaum, Facilities, Reviews, Photos

Baba Falls, also known as Kumbhawade Waterfalls, is one of the best destinations to go if you are in Belgaum. It is not just a single fall, you’ll see a number of falls in Baba Waterfalls.

Hey everyone, I’m Yashraj, I live in Belgaum (Belagavi), and with my experience, in this article, I’ll share everything about Baba Falls, how you can reach there from Belgaum, what the distance, my recently visited photos and much more.

Baba Falls

Baba Falls is in Amboli, Maharashtra, but a lot of people from Belagavi, previously known as Belgaum, visit every year, especially during Monsoons when the water flow is good.

If you are visiting the place for the first time, let me tell you, this waterfall is privately owned and opened to the general public a few years back, but you need to pay a nominal fee.

I have visited the Baba waterfalls a number of times, I used to go every year during monsoon seasons, but honestly, I have never seen this much crowd, now it’s full of tourists from mostly north Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra.

Earlier, people used to go to Amboli Falls which is about 20 km from Baba Falls, towards the north. I think it has been a couple of years since people started visiting this unexplored waterfall. The fall is about 150-200 ft (45.72-60.96 m) in height.

The best thing about this waterfall is the caves which are behind the waterfall. If you go through the waterfalls, you’ll find caves which is very fascinating.

Best Time to Visit Baba WaterFalls

I have been to Baba Waterfalls in almost every season, and I can tell you if you are planning to visit the place for the first time, the best time to visit Baba Waterfalls is during monsoons.

If you want, you can go at any season, and you’ll find the beauty of nature, but during monsoon, the water scenes are something that I just can’t describe in words, you have to experience it.

How Much Time Required to Explore Baba Falls

Not much, if I talk about just Bab Falls, which means I am not including the time it will take you to travel till here, 1-2 hours would be enough to explore every place at and near the falls.

Now it depends on you how long you want to stay to click scenic photos. People usually stay for 4-5 hours and make it a full-day trip.

If I talk about myself, I usually stay for 4-5 hours, just to feel nature, to smell it, and to experience it in full, let me tell you the feeling is very soothing.

Facilities Near Baba Falls

There are no facilities near Baba Waterfalls. If you want anything to eat or you are out of fuel, you need to travel for a few kilometers.

The nearest place to eat something in Baba Falls is a small local restaurant ” Hotel Parab Darbar”, not even a proper restaurant I would say, you can get some snacks to eat. But honestly, you’ll enjoy eating in the scenic nature.

However, you can go to Amboli, which is around 20 km from the fall, and you can find many restaurants and hotels there.

The nearest petrol station would be almost 20 km drive from the falls.

I would advise you to carry something to eat if you are going to the falls, in case you feel hungry, and carry enough fuel in your vehicle.

Baba Falls Distance

There are many routes to visit Baba waterfalls, and people from many nearby cities come to spend their day here. Let me tell you the distances of Baba Falls from different cities.

Baba Falls Distance from Belgaum

The distance of Baba Falls from Belgaum or Belagavi is almost 65 km which will take you around 2 hours to reach.

But what’s the route? To reach the falls from Belgaum, you need to move towards the west and take the route that leads to Sulga, then Shinoli, then from Karwe take the route to Patne which will eventually lead you to Baba Waterfalls.

Baba Falls, Baba Waterfalls, Belgaum, Belagavi

Baba Falls Distance from Amboli

The distance of Baba Falls from Amboli is almost 40 km which will take you around an hour. To reach the falls from Amboli, you can take the NH 548H highway and drive south via Chaukul to reach Kumbhawade and then Baba Waterfalls.

Baba Falls, Baba Waterfalls, Belgaum, Belagavi

Baba Falls Distance from Goa

The distance of Baba Falls from Goa is almost 136 km which will take you around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

From Goa, move north take the NH 784AA highway and go via Tisca. After almost 66 km from Goa, you get two ways:

  • you can take right from Panipuri Dodamarg and complete the rest of the journey to eventually reach Baba Falls
  • apart from this, you can also move straight towards Dodamarg and go via Amboli.

The distance will be the same for both routes.

Baba Falls, Baba Waterfalls, Belgaum, Belagavi

Baba Falls Distance from Hubballi

The distance of Baba Falls from Hubballi is almost 157 km which will take you around 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Just take NH 48 towards the north-west and keep moving till you reach Belagavi which is about 100 km from Hubballi, then move towards the west via Shulga to eventually reach the Baba Falls.

Baba Falls, Baba Waterfalls, Belgaum, Belagavi

Baba Waterfalls Reviews

I can’t describe it in words, you need to experience it personally, the Baba Falls is mesmerizing. You’ll get a chain of falls and caves, you can do a small trek, all in all, it’s an adventure.

However, a few things I would like to mention here:

  • there is no facility, you can’t get anything to eat, and no fuel pumps, which is also a good thing as there will be less pollution
  • the place is getting crowded now

The fall is about 30 meters and if you go through the falls, you’ll discover caves and other falls. If you ask me, it is one of the best scenic waterfalls to visit if you are near Belgaum (Belagavi).

Baba Waterfalls Map

Baba Waterfalls Photos

To Wrap Up

If you are planning to visit Baba Falls, you should go during the monsoon season. As more and more tourists are visiting the place, it’s my humble request to not pollute the surroundings, just enjoy the beauty.

If you have any other queries, you can ask in the comments below.

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