Gokak is overflowing, Belgaum in Drought

Belgaum News: An unusual situation can be seen in Belgaum where on one side, the Gokak fall is overflowing with water, and on the other side, despite the rainfall, Belgaum is still in drought.

It is raining in most parts of Karnataka but the Belgaum district is still in severe drought where most of the lakes do not have a single drop of water and people are still constantly fighting for the basic necessity of water.

On the other hand, Gokak Fall which is almost 60 km from Belgaum is gushing in Gokak’s outer zone after the release of water from the Hidkal Dam. 5 thousand cusecs of water has been released from Hidkal Dam to Ghataprabha river resulting in overflowing of water in the Gokak Falls.

With this, the place has come to life and hundreds of tourists have started to come to spend their day at Gokak Falls.

But even after rainfall in Belgaum, it is still in drought conditions. According to a report of TV9Kannada, there are 320 lakes under the minor irrigation department in the Belgaum district out of which more than 60% of lakes are empty and don’t have a single drop of water.

This means out of 320 lakes, 200 lakes are devoid of water, 70 lakes just have 30% water, and 15 lakes have 50% water left in them.

Not just lakes, but the groundwater level in Belgaum has dropped significantly affecting more than more than 30,000 hectares of agricultural land in Belgaum.

Not just humans, but livestock, flora, and fauna are also getting affected. The farmers are insisting the authorities to fill the lakes with river water which will eventually help them in agriculture.

The same condition is in the Bellari district as well.

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