Belagavi-Bhadrachalam Road-Belagavi Daily Special Train Suspended

Belgaum News: It’s disappointing for those traveling daily from Belagavi to Bhadrachalam and vice versa as the daily special train is suspended by the South Western Railway.

The SWR has decided to suspend the BGM-BDCR and BDCR-BGM daily special train from 01 May 2024 till further notice due to the rolling corridor blocks program and other constraints.

The train used to depart at 12:30 pm and arrive at its destination at 11:00 pm. It takes almost 23 hours to cover a distance of almost 1000 km.

Train no. 07335 from Belagavi to Bhadrachalam Road and train no. 07336 from Bhadrachalam Road to Belagavi is cancelled.

S. No.Train No.From-ToFreqTypeCancellation W.E.F (JCO)
107335BGM-BDCRDailyTOD01.05.2024 to UFA
207336BDCR-BGMDailyTOD02.05.2024 to UFA

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