Silver Rate Today Belgaum 01 May 2024: Is silver the next Gold?

Belgaum News: The rate of silver today in Belgaum is ₹83,400 for 1 kg which is almost the same as yesterday’s price. The rate of Silver is increasing year on year.

People are behind the yellow metal, but in actuality, the experts believe the silver can be the next gold and the demand for this will increase to a great extent. The reason behind this is the demand for silver in technology. The world is moving towards 5g, solar energy, consumer electronics, etc.

Apart from this there are and will be many other technologies that will require the use of silver, which will eventually increase its price.

1 gm₹83.40₹83.50
8 gm₹667.20₹668
10 gm₹834₹835
100 gm₹8,340₹8,350
1 kg₹83,400₹83,500

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