₹316.52 Crore Crop Loss Relief Released to Farmers in Belagavi

Belgaum News: 3,74,066 farmers in Belagavi will receive a crop loss relief fund of ₹316.52 crore. The fund has been released by the district administration and will be directly credited to the bank accounts of the farmers through Farmers Registration and a Unified beneficiary Information System (FRUITS) software.

Still, there are 42,000 farmers whose account is not linked with Aadhaar or have minor errors in their identifications. They need to approach the Tehsildar office or the office of the Assistant Director of Agriculture helpdesk.

According to a statement of the Finance Ministry, the fund for the drought relief, Kharif 2023, has been released by the committee headed by the Home Minister Amit Shah.

The Karnataka government was asking for the funds for the past 9 months and according to the Karnataka government, the centre had no intentions of releasing any funds to the farmers of Karnataka which is why the state had to knock the doors of the Supreme court ot get the justice.

According to the state, the centre has a ‘step motherly’ behaviour towars the South Indian people.

The state had asked 18,172 crore out of which 5,662 crore was for the compensation to the farmers as there was a heavy loss to them due to drought in Karnataka.

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