60 AI cameras will be installed at Mysuru-Bengaluru National Highway NH-275

To tackle the problems of wrong-side driving, overspeeding, wrong lane driving, and violating other road disciplines and rules, the National Highways Authorities of India has started installing AI-based cameras on the Mysuru-Bengaluru national highway NH-275.

The NHAI has decided to deploy 60 Artificial Intelligence-based Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras along National Highway-275.

The camera will get power mainly through solar panels, each camera will have its own solar panel to supply power. The cameras will be installed strategically on in the highway and on each lane to capture the lane-wise speed limit.

It is a project of 3.63 crores and the task of providing the Video Incident Detection and Enforcement System (VIDES) has been given to a Gurugram-based tech company Tecsidel Pvt. Ltd.

According to Alok Kumar, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) “The camera installation was supposed to be completed before April but got delayed due to vendor issues. The vendor timeline is causing the delay. Work is currently underway.”

These AI-based cameras will be installed on the Bengaluru-Nidaghatta and Nidaghatta-Mysuru stretch at regular intervals along the highway. Solar panel-equipped arches are installed on which the cameras and speed limit indicators will be placed.

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