‘Save the Nation Rally’ Today in Belgaum, Actor Prakash Raj as Cheif Guest

A rally, Desha Ulisi Sankalpa Yatre will be held by 175 organizations in Belagavi (Belgaum) today. The rally is a summit of three rallies started in Bengaluru.

According to G.M. Veerasangaiah, farmers’ leader, all three rallies from different places will meet in Belagavi (Belgaum) on Monday afternoon.

A yatra will be held from Rani Channamma Circle to Gandhi Bhavan and then a conference will be held at Gandhi Bhavan at 3 p.m.

Famous Personalities in the Rally in Belgaum

Some famous and known personalities will also take part in the rally including:

  • actor Prakash Raj, known for his movies like Singham, Guntur Kaaram, K.G.F. Chapter 2, etc.
  • founder of Dharwad Samaj Parivartan Community, S.R. Hirenmath
  • former minister B.T. Lalitha Nayak
  • leaders of 175 organizations

Purpose of the Save the Nation rally in Belgaum

The purpose of conducting such a big rally that includes many famous personalities is just to create awareness against the rise of communal and fascist power.

As per a statement of G.M. Veerasangaiah, all the organizations have come together to condemn the misrule and ideologies of the Bhartiya Janta Party-led NDA government.

“We have to preserve our multi-cultural heritage and protect the Constitution. Hence, we are calling it Save the Nation rally,” G.M. Veerasangaiah said.

In a nutshell, they all are opposing the BJP and do not want the government to come back to the region.

According to him, the current government is dividing the society on caste and communal basis to get votes. They are spreading hate and disturbing the peace of the country.

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