Adventurous Ropeway to Yallammana Gudda, Belgaum

The Government of Karnataka is planning to start a Ropeway service to the beautiful hills of Yallammana Gudda in Belgaum. The place is a renowned divine place and a lot of devotees visit the place as there is a famous and ancient temple.

The Karnataka tourism department is all set to start a new ropeway service to promote tourism in Yallammana Gudda in Belgaum. The place is famous for the Yellama temple, also known as Renuka Devi Temple or Yallama Devi Temple.

Almost 20 lakh people visit the temple to take the blessings of Goddess Renuka Devi or Yallamma Devi every year. and this is the main reason why the Karnataka government wants to build infra around the temple to promote tourism and grow the entire region.

About Yallammana Gudda

The Yallammana Gudda is almost 90 km from the city of Belgaum and is in the east direction. The city is known for the Renuka Devi temple, which is almost 5 km away from the city of Saundatti in Karnataka.

The temple is situated on a hilltop which was earlier known as Siddhachal Parvat, and now the name has changed to Yallammana Gudda. The devotees used to walk to the hilltop to reach the temple and take the blessings of the Goddess Renuka Devi.

Now the government of Karnakata is planning to give some relief to the devotees.

Price of the Ropeway to Yallammana Gudda

The price is not yet decided by Karnataka Tourism as the idea is still in the planning process but there will be two packages. The prices will most probably be ā‚¹500, but this is just a speculation.

We will update the price as soon as the tourism department updates it.

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