New Death Registration Process in Belgaum

Belgaum News: The city corporation of Belgaum has made some changes in the death registration process for the deceased people of Belgaum making the process a bit longer and time-consuming.

This can lead to frustration among the people of the deceased as the process will cause delay.

After the amendments in the old process, the relatives of the deceased have to fill out a form which will then be scrutinized by the health inspectors and then the registration will be completed.

Previously, there was no process of form filling, only the relatives had to provide information about the deceased in the respective crematoriums.

According to the people, a quick registration process is required as the new process will delay the legal and other inheritance matters in the family.

The city corporation of Belgaum has undertaken the new process to avoid any false registration, which was happening earlier. The decision of the new death registration process was taken at the time of Dr. Sanjay Dumgol, former Health Officer.

But seeing all the challenges, people are now demanding the old process to be restored.

The people of the district are baffled by the new process which is true to some extent as when a person is deceased, the time is critical and people do not want any trouble.

The process should be to remove the hindrances in critical times rather than increase them.

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