Belgaum Weather Today 02 May 2024

Belgaum News: The weather in Belgaum today is a bit warm and sunny. The minimum temperature recorded at night is 23°c and the maximum recorded is 38°c.

Humidity is 19% and the speed of wind currently is 18 km/hr. The temperature is expected to come down in the coming few days.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the day was expected to be pleasant and partly cloudy, but the sly is clear and the weather is hot.

Although the water scarcity in the city is now over, no rain is expected in the coming days. The temperature will be between 23°c and 38°c throughout the May month.

If you compare the weather of Belgaum with the previous year, you’ll find the weather was not this hot, and the temperature was below 35°c throughout the summer season.

According to IMD, the temperature will rise in the months of June and July till monsoon.

Belgaum Weather Forecast 10 DaysMinimum TemperatureMaximum TemperatureSky
02 May 202423°c38°cSunny
03 May 202422°c36°cPartly Cloudy
04 May 202421°c37°cPartly Cloudy
05 May 202422°c38°cSunny
06 May 202422°c38°cSunny
07 May 202423°c37°cSunny
08 May 202422°c36°cSunny
09 May 202422°c37°cSunny
10 May 202421°c36°cSunny
11 May 202422°c37°cSunny

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