Here’s How You Can Pay Property Tax Online in Belgaum

If you are finding it difficult and do not know how to pay the new property tax in Beglaum online then here is the complete guide for you. The official site of the city corporation of Belagavi was down earlier due to technical glitches.

Now the site is working and the people of Belagavi are requested to pay the new revised property tax in Belgaum which is now calculated on the basis of Ready Reckoner rates plus 3%.

Also, the city corporation has encouraged the people of Belagavi to pay the property tax on or before 30 April to avail the benefit of a 5% rebate.

How to Pay the Property Tax in Belgaum Online Via City Corporation Website

The process is quite simple. There

How to Pay the Property Tax in Belgaum Online If You Know PID

  • visit, in case the site is not working, try later as the server may be busy.
  • click on “Online Services”
  • now enter the Property Identification Number (PID) and click on the search button.
  • you’ll get Form 1
  • now make the payment

Payment is only acceptable via credit card, debit card, UPI, and Internet Banking.

How to Pay the Property Tax in Belgaum Online If You Don’t Know PID

In case you do not know your PID, you can enter other information like Ward Number, Owner Name, Old Assessment Number, or Mobile Number. Now click on “View” to see your property tax details.

Now, click on Form 2 or View Tax and proceed to make payment. Before making a payment, it is advised to download the Challan as it is not possible to view or download the Challan after making the payment.

How to Claim a 5% Rebate on Property Tax in Belgaum

You don’t need to claim it by yourself as the 5% rebate on property tax in Belgaum is auto-calculated. While making the payment, a 5% rebate will automatically be given to you, only if you pay on or before 30 April.

You can check Serial No. 33 in the receipt of your property tax.

If you haven’t downloaded the receipt, go to, enter your PID number, and click on “View”. You will be able to see your property tax status either paid or not for the particular date and a download link of the receipt.

City Corporation Help Desk Contact Info

If you are facing any issues, you can contact the help desk of the city corporation via email. Their mail id –

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