Get the HSRP number plate before 31 May in Belgaum

Belgaum News: The deadline for the HSRP number plate is fixed and the government is not likely to extend the deadline again this time as it has already been extended twice.

Many people in Belgaum are anticipating the date to change the HSRP number plate will get extended and in this hope, many have not yet applied for the number plate.

If you are from Belgaum and have not yet applied for the HSRP number plate, the government is strict this time and is unlikely to extend the deadline. Almost 35.5 lakh vehicles in Karnataka has now the High-Security Registration Plates but there are still more than 70 lakh vehicles that are not complying with the new code of conduct.

Similar is the case in the Belgaum district, most of the vehicles are not complying with the new rule of HSRP number plates. Most of the vehicle owners are from northern Karnataka and are lagging and slow to register for the HSRP number plate.

However, there was a rumor that the government may again extend the date and grant another 3 months to the vehicle owner one last time but this decision will likely come after the Lok Sabha election results which are on June 04.

What If You Dont Register for HSRP Before 31 May

People who wont get registered for the HRSP number plate before the deadline have to pay fines and other penalties. If you live in Belgaum, you have to incur a fine of ₹2,000 if you don’t register your vehicle before the deadline. The fine earlier was ₹1,000.

HSRP Number Plate Price in Belgaum

If you are applying from Belgaum, the HSRP number plate will cost you ₹250-₹300 for two-wheelers and ₹400-₹500 for four-wheelers. The price is not set high and it’s better to get the HSRP number plate than to pay a heft fine of ₹2,000.

How To Apply for the HSRP Number Plate in Belgaum

The process is quite simple to apply for the HSRP number plate in Belgaum. All you need to do is:

The HSRP number plate will be delivered to your address.

If you face any problem, you can contact the help desk by calling 9449863429/9449863426 available from morning 10:00 am to evening 05:30 pm.

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