How To Apply for HSRP Number Plate in Karnataka 2024

Vehicles sold on or after July 2022 now come with a High-Security Registration Plate in Karnataka and all over India. If you bought your vehicle before July 2022, then you must change the number plate to an HSRP number plate otherwise you have to face the consequences.

But how can you apply for HSRP number plate in Karnataka, and most importantly why it is important? In this article, I’m going to explain what an HSRP number plate is, and how can you get one for yourself.

What is the HSRP Number Plate in Karnataka

A High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is a new and special type of number plate introduced by the government of India to tackle some problems related to number plate which leads to crime.

Some of the special features of the number plate like 3D hologram, laser-etched serial number, and inscription of “India” will help in the identification of a vehicle easily as compared to the older number plate where there was a chance to tamper the numbers.

It is now mandatory for the people of Karnataka to change their number plates with an HSRP number plate or you may get fined ₹500 or ₹1000 depending on the vehicle.

HSRP Number Plate in Karnataka

How To Apply for HSRP Number Plate in Karnataka

Now the main question is how can you apply for the HSRP number plate in Karnataka? I am from Belgaum and I recently applied for the number plate for two fo my vehicles and this is how I did.

  1. visit the official website of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) as only they can provide you the number plate currently.
  2. now fill out the details like your name, state, vehicle registration number, and the other details asked
  3. you may also need to upload the necessary documents like RC, insurance, address proof, etc
  4. you’ll be directed to a different website, an authorized HSRP supplier either or or may be some other
  5. now make the payment as per your vehicle and your HSRP number plate will be delivered to your address.

If you face any issue while applying, you can comemtn below, we’ll try to help you out. You can also call 9449863429/9449863426 between 10 am and 5.30 am to seek some help form the officials.

How To Apply for HSRP Number Plate in Karnataka

Price of HSRP Number Plate in Karnataka

The prices are different for different vehicles. For two wheelers, the prices may range from ₹250 to ₹300, while for four wheelers, the prices range from ₹400 to ₹500.

The prices are not very high and one can easily apply online thorugh their official website.

HSRP Number Plate Last Date in Karnataka

The last date to get an HSRP number plate in Karnataka is May 31, 2024. It was announced on August 2023 via a notification that all the vehicles registered on or before April 2019 must get an HSRP number plate by November 17, 2023.

Due to low transition, the deadline was extended to February 17, 2024, and now there is a further announcement of the extension till May 31, 2024, from the Transport Minister of Karnataka, Ramalinga Reddy.

The reason for the low transition is mostly due to the people in the rural areas as the registration is online and there are high chances of fake websites.

How to Track the Status of HSRP Number Plate

If you have already applied for the HSRP number plate, but didn’t get it yet, then you should track the status of it. But how can you? All you need to do is visit

Enter the registration number and it will give you the updates regarding your HSRP number plate.

What if You Do Not Get a HSRP Number Plate in Karnataka

If I talk about just in the state of Karnataka, in case do not get a HSRP number plate, you’ll have to pay a fine of ₹1000 for the first time violation and ₹2000 for the second time and subsequent vioaltions.

Now, the fine may seem high, but if you do not know, let me tell you, the Uttar Pradesh government is more strict and has imposed a fine of ₹5000 in case of violation.

Its better you pay for the number plate than a fine of violation.

Why the HSRP Number Plate is Important in Karnataka

The reason of making the HSRP number plates mandatory in Karnataka and in other states is to reduce the crimes and frauds related to vehicles. It will help in reducing number tampering, car stealing, etc.

This will also help in easy identification of cars and its details in case of any fraud or crime happens.

Difference Between HSRP Number Plate and Normal Number Plate

There are a few difference in a normal number plate and a HSRP number plate. The old number plates used to have just number of a vehicle given by the RTO.

An HSRP number plate is a 20mm x 20mm plate in which a 10 digit PIN is engraved using laser tehcnology. This PIN is a unique number provided to every registered user.

Is HSRP Number Plate Mandatory in Karnataka

Yes, it is mandatory in Karnataka, and you must change it on or before May 31, 2024.

To Wrap Up

The process to apply for a HSRP number in Karnataka is pretty simple and easy. Just go to their official site and follow the prompt on the screen. I would request you to change your number plate if you haven’t to avaoid any fine.

If you ahve any other queries, you can ask in the comments below.

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