Drought Condition in Belgaum: No Drinking Water in the District

Belgaum News: The problem of no drinking water in the Belgaum district is widening as more villages are getting hit by the drought conditions. The people from different cities are turning to their villages but the condition is almost the same everywhere.

Even cities like Bangalore are facing drinking water issues and the monsoon is yet to hit the country. People are moving to their villages due to summer vacations but they are facing the issue of drinking water in cities and villages.

Drought Condition in Belgaum: No Drinking Water in the District

You can think how severe the condition is by seeing the dried-up streams, lakes, wells, groundwater, and pits in the district. Many villages depend on the water tanks provided by the government department.

Even the hill regions of the Belgaum district do not have water in the wells. The condition doesn’t seem to get better anytime soon until the monsoon arrives.

The district has not seen such conditions in the past years. The problem of water is such that the rivers including Krishna, Dudhganga, and Vedaganga are looking to Maharashtra for water supply.

Water is released into the Ghatprabha River from the Hidkal Dam with a warning to use water as little as possible. The problem is not just for the general public, as they are able to manage water from somewhere, but the animals and cattle are facing more problems.

Famers are forced to sell their livestock as they are not able to provide enough water and fodder to maintain their health.

The authorities are trying to provide water tanks in the areas of severe droughts, whereas some areas are getting water every 10-15 days.

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