8 Best ICSE Schools in Belgaum 2024 – Rating, Fee, Admission

I prefer ICSE schools over CBSE, I don’t know why, maybe I’m biased. New sessions are about to start and I thought to share the best ICSE schools in Belgaum, I have already shared the list of best schools in Belgaum, now let’s get deeper.

I know there are many like me who like ICSE schools, for them I have filtered out some top ICSE schools in Belgavi.

Best ICSE Schools in Belgaum

It’s not like I have just listed down the ICSE schools in Belgaum, I know ICSE schools in Belgaum are limited, but I tried to filter and list the best based on many parameters like the education quality, faculty, fees, availability of labs and libraries, facilities, and after taking reviews from their alumni.

St. Francis of Assisi School

Best ICSE Schools in Belgaum

The first on my list is St. Francis of Assisi School in Belgaum, and without any doubt, this has to be on the top of the list, don’t you know why? Because the school is rated as B1 and ranks 544th in the list of best schools in India and 4th in Belgaum in the overall school category.

Why You Should Choose St. Francis of Assisi School

What makes this one of the best ICSE schools in Belgaum? A few things that you must note about this school:

  • Rating: B1
  • Ranking: 4th in Belgaum (including ICSE and CBSE)
  • the school is co-ed, which means, boys and girls both can study
  • it has all the necessary labs including bio, chemistry, physics, and computer, and has a library
  • the school focuses on the overall and holistic development of the students by incorporating extracurricular activities into their daily life

Dhyan Prabodhan School

Best ICSE Schools in Belgaum

This is one of the older schools in Belgaum and is known for its results. The students of Dhyan Prabodhan School are known for getting results, most of them get more than 90% in their board exams, which is quite good. What else?

Why You Should Choose Dhyan Prabodhan School

  • Apart from the academic results, the school’s students also bag trophies and top positions in interschool sports competitions
  • they encourage students to take part in their annual functions which enable them to boost their confidence

I asked some of the alumni of the school and a few parents of the students already studying there, and the reviews are all positive and good. If you are looking forward to the best ICSE school in Belgaum, you just cannot miss this school.

Blooming Buds School

Best ICSE Schools in Belgaum

The school is not old but gained popularity in a short span of time, so I went on to explore more about this school and asked some of the students already studying here and who have passed out from this school.

Why You Should Choose Blooming Buds School

The Blooming Buds School is affiliated with ICSE and the reason for placing this school as second best ICSE school in Belgaum is because:

  • the school has designed some activities which are related to the development of the student. What I understood from many students is that education is good, no doubt, but the school approach is to educate the students practically more than theoretically.
  • the school has good and experienced teachers
  • the classes are smart classes, activity hall, sports facility, CCTV, labs and libraries, etc

If I talk about their fee, it is affordable and competitive, most importantly the reviews of the parents that I got are really good.

Phoenix Residential School

The school is co-ed and affiliated with ICSE. It is a residential school, which means it has a hostel facility. The Phoenix Residential School has a D2 rating and is ranked as the 6th best school in Belgaum overall, which may not sound too good but believe me the students are doing well.

Why You Should Choose Phoenix Residential School

What else does the school have to offer? These are some points that I like about the school:

  • if you want an only-boys school, then it is the one for you
  • the school ranks 6th overall in Belgaum
  • the admission test is not difficult
  • teachers are experienced and focus on holistic development

These are the best ICSE schools in Belgaum, apart from these, there are other schools affiliated with ICSE that you can look for. Here is the list of all ICSE schools in Belgaum:

1.St. Francis of Assisi School
2.Dhyan Prabodhan School
3.Blooming Buds School
4.Phoenix Residential School
5.St. Paul’s High School
6.Manohar Kalagouda Patil High School
7.The Classic International School
8.Pawan Residential School

To Wrap Up

If you ask me, I just like the St. Francis of Assisi School and Dhyan Prabodhan School if you only want to go to an ICSE school, I do not think there is any other school in Belgaum that can match their level. All though the top four listed above are good.

If you have any other queries, you can ask in the comments below.

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