Amboli Waterfall: The Undefined Beauty Near Belagavi

Amboli waterfalls are in the Western Ghats and is almost 70 km from Belagavi. Amboli Waterfalls is located in Maharastra but it is one of the most visited places during monsoon and a lot of people from Belagavi and nearby visit this place.

The height of this fall is 230 ft making it one of the highest waterfall in India. Not just the waterfall, you will be amazed to see the picturesque surroundings. To reach the place you need to trek for a few kilometers the experience of which is both adventurous and heavenly.

LocationSindhudurg District, Maharashtra, India
Nearest Town/CitySawantwadi
TypePlunge Waterfall
HeightApproximately 70 meters (230 feet)
Best Time to VisitMonsoon season (June to October)
AccessibilityAccessible by road; requires a short trek to reach
ActivitiesTrekking, photography, nature walks
Flora and FaunaRich biodiversity, including various plant and animal species
Nearby AttractionsAmboli Forest Park, Mahadevgad Point, Kawalesaad Point
Local CultureInfluence of Konkani culture and traditions
Tourist FacilitiesLimited facilities; advisable to carry essentials

Amboli Waterfall Entry Fee

There are no entry fees to visit Amboli Waterfall. It is absolutely free as it is a part of Western Ghats. One can visit any time without paying any money. But if you want to take a closer look at the waterfall by going upstairs you need to pay ₹10 per person.

Best Time to Visit Amboli Waterfall

The best time to visit Amboli waterfall is during the monsoon season between June and October. This is when the water is gushing and the waterfall will be in its full beauty.

With a height of 230 ft., the waterfall during the monsoon is a treat to the eyes. The feeling is soothing and makes you calm. A lot of tourists visit Amboli waterfall during monsoon.

You can visit any day of the week but it would be best to avoid weekends during monsoon as the place will be too crowded.

It is a good place for a family picnic and friends.

Amboli Waterfall The Undefined Beauty Near Belagavi

How to Reach Amboli Waterfall

Amboli waterfall is almost 70 km from Belagavi and you need to move towards the west direction to reach the destination. The roads are good and it will take you almost one hour and 30 minutes to reach.

Amboli Waterfall The Undefined Beauty Near Belagavi

Places to Visit Near Amboli Waterfall

There are a lot of places to visit near Amboli waterfalls but you will need time for it. It will take you 1-2 hours to explore Amboli waterfalls and if you have more time then you can visit a few more places.

PlaceDistance from Amboli WaterfallDistance from Belagavi
Madhavgad Fort3 km70 km
Hiranya Keshi Temple5 km72 km
Shirgaonkar Point2 km69 km
Nangarta Falls10 km77 km
Sawantwadi30 km90 km
Chorla Ghat37 km71 km
Goa54 km125 km
Tarkarli55 km130 km

Amboli Waterfall Reviews

Here are the reviews of people who recently visited the Amboli waterfalls:

  • “Best road side waterfall in Maharashtra, easy to access. Must visit in rainy season. Don’t visit weekend very crowded.”
  • “Great spot in monsoons.. waterfall.. onion pakoras.. sweet corn.. scenic views.. what else..?”
  • “Nice view with a wonderful waterfall but yes December is not the right time to visit if you want to feel the view of the waterfall. But the nature view is on point. You will get snacks stalls besides the road and yes there are monkeys roaming over there who can’t wait to steal your snacks, so be aware of that. Overall a nice spot to have a small break with an awesome view .”
  • “Must visit place during monsoon. Nice and scenic road. Lots of waterfalls in the Ghat.”
  • “This is good destination to enjoy in monsoon.Remember one thing, try to avoid weekends.Place become overcrowded on Sundays.”


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