4 People of Belgaum Drowned in the Vedaganga River

Belgaum News: In a tragic incident 4 people including 2 from Athani in Belagavi district drowned in the Vedaganga river in Kolhapur, Maharashtra on Friday, 17 May.

According to the sources, the 4 people went on the pilgrimage and spent their night in a small guest house in Anur village, Kolhapur on Thursday, 16 May. On the next morning, they went to wash their clothes in the Veadaganga River which is near the guest house in Basawade, Kagal Taluk in Kolhapur.

According to the sources, all four came to attend a ‘Yatra’ in Aanur village in Kagal Tehsil.

Somehow, two of them slipped into the river while washing their clothes. The rest of the two people rushed in a hurry to save them but the furious river took the lives of all four.

The people were Jitendra Vilas Lokre, 36, Savita Amar Kamble, 27 from Maharastra, Reshma Yalamale, 34, and Yash Dilip Kamble, 17, from Belagavi district.

According to a report in the Times of India, the bodies of three were found but the police and team are still searching for the body of Yash Dilip Kamble. A case is already registered in the Kagalpur police station.

According to the Guardian Minister, Hasan Mushrif, financial help from the Chief Minister’s assistance fund will be provided to the families of the deceased.

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