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Yellur Fort also known as Rajhansgad Yellur Fort, is situated in the outskirts of the Belgaum city, Karnataka. The fort is 2,500 feet (762 m) above sea level, surrounded by beautiful green fields and farms of rice as the major crop and other crops as well.

Yellur Fort is one of the major attractions of Belagavi City among the locals and tourists as the beauty of the place is unmatchable. This is one place that I think you won’t forget, this is not just a fort, but the natural beauty surrounding it is unforgettable.

Yellur Fort History

The Belgaum city itself is rich in history and culture, let me take you to the history of the Rajhansgad Yellur Fort. Yellur Fort was built by the Ratta Dynasty and made as a watch tower for the Belagavi Fort, the distance between Yellur Fort and Belgavi Fort is about 17 km. The Rattas made this fort to protect the Belagavi Fort from enemies coming from the South, East, and West.

The main reason for building the fort at an altitude of 2,500 feet (762 m) above sea level is to spot the enemies coming to attack from a distance to tackle them easily. The Yellur Fort acted as a major strategic point for the Rattas and other rulers.

The fort has seen three wars till now, the first war was fought between the Nawabs of Savanoor and the Peshwas, the second was between the Peshwas and Tipu Sultan, and lastly between Bimgad Fort and Rajhansgad forces.

The fort was initially built by the Rattas but later it went through many renovations during the Muhgal rulers and lastly, it went into the hands of British soldiers. During the British rule, around 100 soldiers were posted here for the protection of the fort and region as this was a good strategic point.

The Yellur Fort not only acted as a watch tower but also served as a place to store arms, ammunition, food, and grains for the soldiers during the time. There was a tunnel that used to connect directly to Belgaum Fort.

Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum

Yellur Fort Architecture

When you enter, there is a big entrance designed in a Gomukhi style and in the center the is a Lord Shiva temple, where devotees used to come every Monday to worship. on the left of the temple, there is a well that is not closed and covered to prevent any mishappening and next to it, there is a space that was supported to be the place where the arms and ammunitions of that time were stored.

Apart from this, the fort is surrounded by strong walls and bastions and you’ll find many peepholes in the wall for the guards. The fort has many small exits where you need to bend down to exit from the fort.

The fort is not big because it was not designed for kings to stay but to guard the surroundings.

Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum

What is Yellur Fort Distance From Belgaum

The distance of Yellur Fort from Belgaum or Belagavi is almost 17 km. You need to move in the south direction to reach the fort. There are actually two routes that take you to the fort.

Both routes will take you straight to the Yellur Fort with just one or two turns. You can either take the Yellur Road or the Vadagaon Road to reach your destinations, Both the roads go almost parallel and have almost the same distance from Belagavi city.

The routes are surrounded by grass fields and crop farms. I have been there a number of times via both routes, you won’t find any issue at any of the routes, but I usually take the Yellur Road as it goes through the Yellur village which can be a stop point in case you need anything.

Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum

How Far is Yellur Fort from College Road

The distance from College Road to Yellur Fort is almost 17 km, you can take any of the two routes, both have the same distance and will take the same time to take you to the fort.

What is the Best Time to Visit the Yellur Fort

Although the fort is open 24 hours, if you ask me, I think the best time to visit the fort is either in the morning or in the evening. I have been there many times during different durations of the day, the beauty of the fort and the view from the fort is something you can’t express in words.

It will take you around 1-2 hours to fully explore the place, maybe even less. But you may not want to come in 2 hours, it takes time to absorb such beauty and I can bet you will get lost in the beauty of the view you get from the fort.

Also, you may get public transport to the Yellur district and you need to go by yourself from there to the fort. My advice would be to take your own vehicle.

Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum

Yellur Fort Shivaji Statue

Recently, on March 02, 2024, a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was unveiled at the Yellur Fort as the fort was renovated. The glorious statue of the great Shivaji is about 50 feet tall, and he can be seen sitting on a king’s throne.

Yellur Fort went into renovation as it is getting old and needs to be preserved for future generations. Also, being a local of the city, I feel it was mainly due to political reasons rather than actual willingness to renovate the fort.

Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum

Yellur Fort Images

Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum
Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum
Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum
Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum
Rajhansgad Yellur Fort Belgaum

Yellur Fort Reviews

If I talk about my experience, I always love to go to Yellur Fort, for some reason, I find peace here. Maybe because of the panoramic city view that this fort gives. You’ll find a lot of visitors, tourists, and locals who come to spend their day here. If this is your first time in Belagavi city, this is a must-visit place.

I’m a local and I know how much people love this place, still, I asked a few of the tourists about their experience of the Yellur Fort and they said:

  • “The journey to rajhansgarh fort through quaint villages and fields and habitats was spectacular. And the fort is situated at a vantage point and is well maintained and not crowded at all, and offers good view.
  • To look for the local sightseeing near to the city then this can be a good option for 1 day tour in any time
  • 22 kms away from Belagavi is a Rajahansgad fort near Yellur or Near Desur.Public transport is available till Yellur.Better to go by private vehicle.Nice place with cool breeze.Must see place.
  • A little escape from city life..nice place to spend time in peace.view from the top is time to go is sunrise and sunset

To Wrap Up

This fort is one of my recommendations if you have never been here. Even there are many locals that have never been to this place. The fort is at an altitude where you can see the whole city from a panoramic view. If you are a tourist, this is a must-visit.

Do let me know in the comments if you need any help.

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