Stalker Killed 20-Year-Old Girl in Hubballi

Belgaum News: Today, 05:00 am, a stalker stabbed a 20-year-old girl 7 to 8 times at her doorstep in Veerapur Street in Hubbali. The victim is identified as Anjali and the accused is Girish Savant.

As per the police report, Girish Sawant is a resident of Yallapur Street in Hubballi, both were in love and were planning to get married. Savant wanted to shift with Anjali to Mysuru after the marriage and threatened to kill her if she denied it.

According to Anjali’s grandmother Gangamma, she said they informed about this threat to the police given by Girish, however, they didn’t file any formal complaint about this. Anjali would have been alive if the police had taken it seriously.

Hubballi-Dharwad Commissioner of Police, Renuka Sukumar told reporters, “She was found dead in a pool of blood at the doorstep. There are around seven to eight knife wounds on her body.”

The police have filed a murder case against Sawant and are doing further investigation into the matter.

Sukumar added, “Even though a complaint was not registered, the area police should have acted after being informed.” Adding further Sukumar said the police department will take the negligence of police seriously.

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