Silver Price In Belgaum Shahapur Today 05/07/2024

Belgaum News: The silver rate in Belgaum Shahapur today for 10 gm is ₹907 and ₹9,070 for 100 gm, which is ₹1 less than yesterday‘s price.

As analysts are expecting the price of gold to triple in the coming 8-9 years by analyzing past trends and future situations, likewise many big analysts are expecting the price of silver to reach a new high and can double-triple itself in the coming few years.

The reason is the advancement of technology and the use of silver in future tech including solar power, 5g, consumer electronics, etc.

1 gm₹90.70₹90.60
8 gm₹725.60₹724.80
10 gm₹907₹906
100 gm₹9,070₹9,060
1 kg₹90,700₹90,600

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