PM Modi’s Attack on Congress in Belgaum Rally

Belgaum News: PM Modi addresses the people of Belgaum today as the Lok Sabha elections are nearing. Criticizing Congress, PM Modi said “Ye Har Ghar Mein Chapa Maarenge”.

The statement came as the Congress is propagating its manifesto which states if the party comes into power, it will do a scan in the bank accounts of the people of the country.

Attacking on Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, PM Modi accused Congress for prioritizing family over national interest. He added, “When India emerges and strengthens, everyone feels proud. But Congress has grown so far from National interest, for so engrossed in the welfare of their family that it does not like the country’s achievements… They have started feeling ashamed of every achievement made by us…”

PM Modi not only addressed the people of Belgaum but he also addressed the people of Chikkodi and Hubballi as he is sure the BJP will come into power in these regions.

“Congress is spreading lies and rumors about EVM as they are afraid to win the elections. Congress even spread rumors about the Made in India vaccine stating it as BJP Vaccine”, he added.

BJP candidate Jadish Shettar also joined the rally and gave a strong speech to assure the future of Belgaum.

In his speech, PM Modi said, “25 crore people came out of poverty in India in the last 10 years.

PM Modi said, “Congress likes to spread lies and fake information to break the trust and belief of the people as this is the only way for them to win the election”.

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