Why No Entry in 7 Waterfalls in Belagavi

Why No Entry in 7 Waterfalls in Belagavi

Due to the recent disaster in Lonavala, Maharashtra, the Forest Department has imposed a ban on entry into 7 waterfalls in Belagavi amid the monsoon season.

These waterfalls are at high risk of sudden water increase which is why the department has taken the decision to restrict the visitors’ entry for their safety.

The decision came due to the recent Lonavala disaster, where “Five people, including a woman and four children, had drowned in a waterfall close to the backwater of Bhushi Dam in Pune’s Lonavala area”.

As per the sources, it’s raining heavily in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, and the waterfalls that are now restricted are located in the Western Ghats.

Which Waterfalls are Banned for Visitors in Belagavi

The waterfalls are:

  1. Batawade Falls
  2. Chikkale Falls
  3. Parwada Falls
  4. Chorla Falls
  5. Vajra Falls
  6. Kankumbi Falls
  7. Maan Falls

Why Entry Restricted in Waterfalls in Belagavi

The decision is taken for the safety of the people as the Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, Hiranyakeshi, Markandeya, Vedaganga, Dudhganga rivers are all gushing with water due to heavy rainfall in the Western Ghats.

The recent Lonavala disaster also pushed the officials to restrict entry into waterfalls in Belagavi. These waterfalls are mostly in the Khanapur area in Belagavi district.

About the Waterfalls with no Entry

WaterfallLocated in the Uttara Kannada district; a relatively lesser-known, offering a tranquil environment.Distance from Belagavi (approx.)
Batawade FallsLocated near Gokak; known for its scenic beauty and is a popular spot for local tourists.75 km
Chikkale FallsLocated near Yellapur; surrounded by dense forests, ideal for trekking and nature walks.140 km
Parwada FallsLocated in the Uttara Kannada district; relatively lesser-known, offering a tranquil environment.100 km
Chorla FallsSituated in the Chorla Ghats; known for its picturesque setting and is part of the Western Ghats.60 km
Vajra FallsLocated in the Uttara Kannada district; notable for its unique rock formations and serene ambiance.105 km
Kankumbi FallsClose to Kankumbi village; a serene spot, often visited for its peaceful surroundings.65 km
Maan FallsSituated near the town of Maan; a popular picnic spot, especially during the monsoon season.90 km


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