Murder of a Congress Leader Before Lok Sabha Election in Belgaum

Belgaum News: The incident took place on 3 April 2024, Wednesday night, when a few unknown people attacked Congress leader Annappa Basappa Nimbal. According to the officials, he was attacked by a sharp weapon. The attackers left him on the road, leading to the leader’s demise due to excessive blood loss.

The incident took place on the Khilegaon-Anthari road which is on the outskirts of Belgaum and is about 140 km from the city.

The investigation is still going on. According to the Athani police, it was a group of 6-7 people who had a mask on their faces. The reason for the attack is not known.

The person is identified as Annappa Basappa Nimbal, who is a 58-year-old man, a member of the Congress party, and chairman of PKPS, Khilegaon.

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