Gold Price In Belgaum Shahapur Today 06/07/2024

Belgaum News: The price for 24 kt gold on 06 July is ₹73,080 which is almost the same as yesterday’s price. The price is decreasing day by day and it is because of the international market.

Experts believe it is just a correction and the prices may come down a bit more. The gold prices in Belgaum may again touch ₹70,000 and then the price will start rising after a few months.

If you are invested in gold, you can hold it as sooner or later the prices will increase.

Shahapur Belgaum 24 kt Gold Rate Today

WeightToday Price
1 gm₹7,308
8 gm₹58,464
10 gm₹73,080
12 gm (1 Tola)₹87,696
100 gm₹7,30,800

Shahapur Belgaum 22 kt Gold Rate Today

WeightToday Price
1 gm₹6,699
8 gm₹53,592
10 gm₹66,990
12 gm (1 Tola)₹80,388
100 gm₹6,69,900

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