Girlfriend’s Brother Killed 22-Year-Old Boy with a Screwdriver in Belagavi

Belgaum News: Ibrahim Gouse was stabbed multiple times with a screwdriver by his girlfriend’s brother in Mahantesh Nagar in Belagavi yesterday. Ibrahim Gouse was 22 years old and was a resident of Gandhi Nagar.

According to the News Karnataka, Ibrahim, with his girlfriend, who resides in his neighborhood, was riding a bike with his girlfriend sitting behind his bike. On seeing this, Mujamil Sattigeri, the accused, got outraged and stabbed Ibrahim with a screwdriver multiple times.

The locals rushed him to a nearby private hospital but the doctors were unable to save him due to excess damage and loss of blood.

The police of Mala Maruti have arrested the accused and an investigation is still going on.

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