24 kt Gold Rate Today: ₹72,260 in Belgaum for 10 gm

Belgaum News: The gold rate in Shahapur Belgaum slipped a bit on 09 May and the current price for 10 gm is ₹72,260 for 24 kt. Similarly, the price for 22kt came down to ₹66,240 today.

Comparing it with yesterday‘s price, there is a net reduction of ₹130 in 24 kt and ₹120 in 22 kt gold. However, the experts still believe it is just a correction after making a high and as the wedding season is off now. The prices will again jump soon to make a new high.

People who bought at the high when the price was around ₹75,000 are panicking if the price will come down and they may incur a loss. According to the analysts, there is a high chance of gold making a new high and getting triple in the coming years.

Shahapur Belgaum 24 kt Gold Rate

WeightToday Price
1 gm₹7,226
8 gm₹57,808
10 gm₹72,260
12 gm (1 Tola)₹86,712
100 gm₹7,22,600

Shahapur Belgaum 22 kt Gold Rate

WeightToday Price
1 gm₹6,624
8 gm₹52,992
10 gm₹66,240
12 gm (1 Tola)₹79,488
100 gm₹6,62,400

Belgaum is a district in northern Karnataka and is one of the fastest-growing districts in the state. Shahapur is in Belgaum and is known for its gold market in Belgaum. Most of the gold businesses, retailers, and wholesalers are in Shahapur, Belgaum.

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