100% result of Kendriya Vidyalaya 2 in Belagavi in CBSE class 12

Belgaum News: The Kendriya Vidyalaya 2 in the military camp area in Belagavi achieved 100% results.

A total of 108 students took the examination of class 12 CBSE and all cleared it with good marks. Not just the students of class 12, but all the students of class 10 students also cleared with good marks.

A total of 9 students scored more than 90% marks including Paramesh Jagadale, Rohan Kadolkar, Sonia Patil, Ruchika Anmol Patil, Asmita Patil, Nikhil Talawar, and Ram Thapa.

Sachin Benakannanavar, science stream, is the topper of the batch securing 95.8% marks and Vaibhavi Parlekar from the commerce stream got the highest 90.2% marks.

100% result of Kendriya Vidyalaya 2 in Belagavi in CBSE class 12

In class 10, out of a total students of 232, 70 students secured more than 80% marks and 15 scored 100% in different subjects.

Mahendra Kalra, School Principal, said in a release that Suraj Singh is the topper of the school securing 96.4% marks.

14 students in class 12 have secured 100% marks in different subjects including Asmita Patil, Sonia Patil, Prerna Shivangekar, Shahid Kittur, Vaivhavi Parlekar, Chetan Bhajantri, Rohan Kadolkar, Nikhil Talwar, Tanvi Katti, Sachin Benakannanavar, Ruchika Patil, and Kanchan Khot.

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